Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey Guys,

We feel like we need to better explain this calling to adopt. We don't want you to think that we read Matt. 25 and decided we would just go adopt a child from Ethiopia. Since we have been married we have discussed the idea of adopting a child one day. It remained just an idea until a couple of years ago. Over the past couple of years God has really opened our eyes through His word about the Christian responsibility to care for orphans. So we continued to seek the will of God in this through much prayer, Bible study, and Godly counsel. God has shown us through his word and has spoken to the core of our hearts. Please don't get the idea that we are doing this to earn God's favor. We are doing this because we HAVE God's favor thru the blood of His Son Jesus.
Finally we started looking for an agency. We went to a conference with Bro. Matt and Katie, however after looking through the information, the only country that matched up with us was Ethiopia. So we went to Gladney and chose to pursue Bulgaria. The week we sent our money and the first part of the paperwork in, we got an email from them and they told us that Bulgaria was no longer accepting applications for international adoptions for children under 4. Our other option with Gladney was Ethiopia. At first, we were concerned with some things. We were concerned about how our community and family would handle the adoption of a dark skinned race. We want our kids to be accepted in the community and family, everyone does, and not knowing was hard. At first.... It is tough to have someone "different" as a part of your family and it had to soak in a little bit. However God gave us both absolute peace. If we were to let race or ethnicity be the deciding factor of us not adopting a child we would look nothing like the Gospel of Jesus. Praise the Lord He does not look at the color of our skin. We feel arrogant knowing that we struggled with these things. We tell you this because we know some of you reading this may have had these thoughts. Or some of you thinking of adoption, but don't really know how you feel about international adoption, need to know that we struggled with it too. God will take care of you no matter what he calls you to do. Amen???
The more we hear statistics of Ethiopia, the more we understand the need of adopting from there. 24% of the country has clean water to drink. Over 75% of the country has to drink from murky ponds or creeks. 1 out of every 10 children die before they are a year old. They really are hungry and thirsty. That's where Matt 25 comes in. We are positive this is what God has for us. We hope everyone gets on board! Thanks for letting us share our hearts!


  1. I'll AMEN that! I'm so proud for you all that God has made you the chosen few! Praise to you all!
    Amber Clinkingbeard

  2. dustin, beth and laynie...this is an awesome story and a great testimony to the lord!!! I am so excited for you three!!!

  3. Dustin & Beth,

    First of all, let me commend you two on your obedience to our heavenly Father. Know that you can never go wrong when you are acting out of obedience to Him. Second, to do what you are doing takes guts and faith. You two are the perfect couple for this. Your faith in God is steadfast and strong. I know that God will bless you tremendously. There will be adversity, but know that you have a loving God that transcends all understanding and cares for you more than you can imagine. You also have a strong support group of Christian brothers and sisters that are here for you to lean on anytime. Last, I want to share a verse from Joshua 1:9 that I hope will encourage you. "This is my command - be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Keep your eyes on the cross and everything will be fine. We love you and will be here anytime you need anything. God bless you both!

  4. It is amazing how God begins to stir in lots of hearts when He is up to something! For those who are checking in to read this blog, I am Dustin's mom and last summer God began to impress on my heart the ministry of adoption.
    I had no idea at the time that the Lord was stirring in Dustin and Beth's heart regarding adoption, as well.

    Sometime in the month of September, 2009, someone sent me the link to a website about Ethiopian children who were being drowned because the parents felt the babies were possessed by evil spirits for one reason or another. Orphanages pleaded with parents to allow them to take the children and one by one the parents were placing their children in the hands of the orphanage director.

    I can't describe to you the burden for these beautiful children I felt right at that moment, but I do remember in my spirit asking the Lord if there was anyway I could help even one of these babies!

    When Dustin told me that God had called him and Beth to adopt internationally, before I even took time to think, the first words I blurted out were, "Go to Ethiopia!" And as Dustin has shared with you in the blog, he wasn't sure that would be the best idea. Since I wanted their journey to be Spirit-led and not Gina-led, I never mentioned Ethiopia, or any other country for that matter, again. But, when they told me in complete assurance that Ethiopia was the country, I chuckled in my spirit because I knew it all along!

    I can't fathom what God has in store for our family, definitely some mountaintop experiences and more than likely some difficult ones in the process and in the years to come. But I do know this...Our help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth! There is nothing He cannot do and it is exciting to be a part of His great plan.

    Please pray for us all!

  5. It is an amazing thing how God works in the hearts of people to prepare them for what is to come. In 2003, a 4 year old child that I was seeing for physical therapy was in foster care. Due to some complicated issues, and God's divine providence, she was placed in our home for about 7 months. God taught us so much through this little girl. We wanted to adopt her, but a long lost family member surfaced and our little " T " was placed in their care. We were not able to adopt her, however, the color of her skin was not a prohibitive factor. That was several years ago and every day I think of her and pray for her. I am so thankful to God for the opportunity to love her and have her in our home for a time. My kids learned such perspective and she brought joy and laughter to all of us. Dustin and Beth, I look forward to the day, that you call to say, "We are going to Ethiopia to bring the anticipated one home." Until then, I am praying for my little great niece or nephew that will one day know that we are his/her "forever family!"

    I love you all,
    Kim (affectionately called BO by my "greats")

  6. Thanks for sharing the vision and dream that adoptive parents have. We love to see another couple who are seeking God's will be obediant to the orphan call. God will be faithful and more alive than ever through this process. We are praying for you and excited for the plans He has for you. I can't wait until the day that your heart born child stands up at WBC and takes Jesus for his/her savior. What a day of rejoicing that will be.

    Brett and Ginger McFadden